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Having a primary care doctor you can trust is the key to maintaining good overall health and wellness. At Amen Clinic, P.C., in Jackson, Tennessee, Ezekiel Adetunji, MD, and his team offer comprehensive primary care services to meet the needs of you and your entire family. Schedule a wellness exam, school physical, Department of Transportation (DOT) physical, or sick visit with Amen Clinic, P.C., over the phone or online today.

Primary Care Services Q & A

What are primary care services?

Primary care involves preventive medicine, wellness exams, sick visits, and more to ensure you’re in good health or detect disease symptoms early before complications occur. Primary care services available at Amen Clinic, P.C., include:

  • Preventive medicine
  • Annual physical examinations
  • Well-child and school physicals
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals
  • Child and adult immunizations
  • Weight management
  • An onsite-laboratory
  • Digital imaging services
  • Concierge services for special needs patients
  • Outpatient services for acute and chronic illnesses

Dr. Adetunji and his team spend as much time as you need during appointments. They thoroughly answer questions and provide the best possible care for you and your family. Dr. Adetunji is a minister of the gospel and incorporates faith and prayer into his services.

What happens during my appointment?

During primary care appointments at Amen Clinic, P.C., Dr. Adetunji and his team weigh you and check your blood pressure and other vital signs. They ask questions about symptoms and review your medical history.

Dr. Adetunji completes a physical exam by evaluating your eyes, ears, nose, throat, breathing, heartbeat, and abdomen. He can complete prostate evaluations in men and pelvic exams, including Pap tests to screen for cervical cancer, in women. For children, he completes wellness checkups and evaluates growth and development.

The Amen Clinic, P.C., team might complete blood tests, throat or nasal swabs, urine tests, skin prick tests, lung function tests, or imaging procedures to diagnose certain medical conditions. Examples include asthma, allergies, high cholesterol, hormone imbalance, diabetes, and depression.

Which primary care treatments are available?

Dr. Adetunji lets you know which, if any, treatments are right for you after completing an exam and diagnostic testing. He might suggest:

  • Diet, exercise, and other healthy lifestyle changes
  • Medications
  • Injections
  • Dietary supplements
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Birth control
  • Breathing treatments
  • Wound and injury care
  • Aesthetic treatments

He may recommend physical therapy, speech therapy, counseling, further diagnostic testing, or surgical procedures. For complex medical conditions, Dr. Adetunji can refer out to a specialist in your area.

How often should I schedule an exam?

Schedule a wellness exam every year or more often in young children. Make an appointment if you’re due for a school or DOT physical, or experience unusual symptoms. Dr. Adetunji lets you know when to schedule follow-up appointments.

Take charge of your health by utilizing primary care services at Amen Clinic, P.C. Schedule an appointment over the phone or online today